The entire estate covers 640 hectares (1,600 acres), land that remains purely agricultural to this day. The woods and ponds scattered throughout the estate provide a stable habitat for the local fauna and are frequented by herons and other migratory birds.

The grounds of the estate, featuring the old-growth oak, cypress and maritime pine that surround the central buildings — what are now known as Villa Tinaio and Casino di Caccia (lit. “Hunting Lodge”), formerly known as Villa Mignanelli — overlook a Tuscan landscape of fields and olive groves. It was an area where nobility came for rest and relaxation, and the majestic, old-growth trees found here continue to convey that air of a 19th century garden. The beautifully maintained park overlooking this stunning panorama — a nearly timeless piece of heaven on Earth — is the perfect spot for conferences, cocktail parties, receptions, ceremonies, and other outdoor events.

parco - Tenuta Suvignano